About Alpaca Express

Alpaca Express is a fibre collection centre for all WA Alpaca breeders. It is managed by Sophie and started in 2007 with breeders cooperating to combine fibre volumes to enable sales of classed pressed bales of alpaca fibre. It has grown to have supplied over 100 pressed bales of fibre, in excess of 13 tonne. It has enabled West Australian alpaca farmers to supply some of the world’s finest alpaca fibre to both domestic & international export markets.

Alpaca Express can provide small alpaca fleece producers with access to markets for their fibre and maximise producer returns from the sale of this luxurious fibre.

The quality of the final bales is assured through producer training and quality fleece preparation and pre-classing requirements.

Alpaca Express also supplies the local craft market with raw fibre and processed yarn through a small farm shop. The farm shop also stocks a wide range of alpaca products including garments, homewares and alpaca accessories. Click here