Wethers & Pets

Over the years Banksia Park has supplied many new breeders and alpaca enthusiasts with wethered alpacas. Typically quiet & inquisitive young wethers of all colours have been supplied as pets for people to enjoy on small acreage, these animals are already castrated and halter trained and enjoy the close interaction with people. Superior quality fibre also allows their fibre to be utilised to produce craft or homemade alpaca items.

Older wethers are making a serious contribution to the broadacre farmers ability to reduce stock loss due to fox attack on their lambs or kids. The alpacas natural inquisitiveness and aggression to foxes has allowed many farmers to substantially increase their lambing percentages by running a few alpacas with a mob of sheep. Select from a herd of over 100 animals in a variety of colours and ages. Murdoch University Veterinary School is currently using Banksia Park alpaca wethers which were specifically selected for their agression to foxes to protect three research sheep flocks.


$330each for Stock protectors

Larger Packages can be neg.

Below is only a small sample of what we have available. Contact us to arrange a visit to our farm to view what we have to offer.

SKJ Mangu Pinergy
SKJ Totem
SKJ Mangu Farewell
SKJ Mangu Excalibar
SKJ Fredrick
Jack Sparrow
SKJ Twin Pole