Dear George and Jenny,

We just stopped by your website for a short look around and found it very impressive. We don’t know where you find the time to do all the things you have going on at Banksia Park.

We have happy memories of our stay with you during May of ’07. We all had a chance to learn a lot, and we enjoyed your hospitality and the beautiful setting of your farm.

Best wishes for continued success with you embryo transfer program. We hope to be able to help you produce the first alpaca babies from frozen embryos in Australia soon. Our research on that is quite productive and we anticipate trying for more frozen/thawed pregnancies here at our ranch in Montana soon.

Please say hi from us to Sophie and to all our friends there in Western Australia.

All the best, Paul and Sally Taylor
World Authority on Embryo transfer in LLamas & Alpacas.

Paul & Sally Taylor

Montana USA & Dr Alejandra von Baer, Chile.

I have now visited Banksia Park Alpaca Stud once a year now for the last three years. The reason I keep going back is due to the hospitality that Jenny & George offer to us every time we come and visit.

All the information and knowledge that Jenny & George share with us is just amazing, every time we visit we learn so much more about Alpacas and the Alpaca Industry.

I believe that Banksia Park Alpaca Stud is leading the world in the quality of Alpacas that they are breeding and this is why I have purchased my last 4 Stud Males from Jenny & George. Along with these Stud Males, which by the way has changed the look of my entire herd, I have been fortunate enough to have been allowed the privilege of purchasing some top quality females as well. My top female, and I have a herd of over 100 females is a Banksia Park animal.

Firstly, meeting Jenny & George, and then having the privilege of being able to purchase top quality animals from them has given me the insight on how it is possible to be able to produce some of the best quality animals in the world.

Of all the people I know in the Alpaca World, I trust Jenny & George Jackson the most. All I can say is that if you are just starting out, or have been breeding Alpacas for a long time a visit to Banksia Park Alpaca Stud is a must if you are serious about breeding top quality Alpacas.

Eric Lister

Thief of Hearts Alpaca Stud, Palmerston North, New Zealand